Friday, 11 March 2011

I have been lazy

Gosh how lazy have I been?
There is so much to tell you
The March class is full of the most lovely girls, all of whom I am sure I will make some lovely friendships, and look forward to see them graduate and take part in our fashion shows. I am not the best model in the world, and certainly not in CWS, but I get a reall thrill when I see classes graduate and watch the new confident models begin to fulfill their dreams
Tomorrow is also the Anubis show, and I am rather excited to be in it. I will tell you more after the show
Big congrats to last nights winners from CWS Styling finale for Feb

  • Best Styling - Flora Stip
  • Best Designer - Random Sixpence
  • Most prestigious Model - Meimei Shui

Congrats ladies I am so happy for you