Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A wonderful class

I think we are so lucky at UCWS as we have yet another class full of wonderful girls who are just so lovlt to teach. Usually you have one outstanding student, and all the others will be learning just like I was, and its wonderful to see them blossom. Well the February class is like the January class, because without exception this class is filled with taleneted ladies.

One girl, Sakira from Greece said in class that they should practice as a team and get together, and that was a wonderful thing to say. I felt that everyone was about to say the same thing.

Nickle asks very good questions, and wow what a class, everyone contributes.

Today we did the dome for the first time, but without poses. 7 Girls never having done sync in the dome, perfect. The all did #1 and #3 runways individually, but just once. Then we did a mini show, with girls coming down#1 and #3 in sync, with #2 seperate.

No mistakes, perfect, so a couple walked off the wrong runway, but pffffft thats nothing.

Ania took my pic later and omg its brilliant. Its in her blog too. How lovely

Todays wonderful class was

  • Gabriella

  • Sakira

  • Nickle

  • Ania

  • Uneeque

  • Kiki

  • Lopez

Ladies Love u !!!


Suki Rexen said...

You have a beautiful blog, ty for all your kind postings about each of us. You will ever be the Angel of Hope for all of CWS, and UCWS