Monday, 7 February 2011

What a week

Sorry but I was rather lazy and didnt blog all week.

Yesterday was the finale of Ms Centrefold and I was lucky to be a judge.

The show was amazing and Pirkka won, because in my mind she was the most creative and was rather daring in her choice of bunny outfit, she was BDSM bunny, how original!

Her description was concise and rather funny too. She gave a lovely answer to her Q&A

I am sorry there can be only one winner, but best always wins

Essence sang at the end, and her voice is rather lovely

The highlight was the dancers. I didnt really give the girls much time to practice, but Sukie made the most splendid hat that they all walked through onto stage and did a fantastic CanCan to Frank Sinatra singing New York New York. Their second dance was in the most incerdible sphers to Right Said Fred. Ladies I love you. The dancers were

  • Suki

  • Chloe

  • Meimei

  • Flora

  • Izadora

How lovely. I am officer of the day again!!


❤Ania said...

Awww debbie, what a lovely thing to say, huggs you, you are a terrific teacher, just like all our teachers, that is the reason why we have learn so much from you guys. We love you all, thank you for taking the time from your sl and rl to teach us everything we need to become better models!!!!