Saturday, 29 January 2011

Graduation and Tabys party and Laylah receives Celina Award

Wow what a lovely day it was.
The class of January 2011 graduated and you would never believe this but all the girls won class valedictorian, what a class. So congrats to

  • Chloe
  • Meimei
  • Izadore
  • Suki
  • Flora

These ladies are so lovely. They dot stopped in the heaviest lag.

We also had the most lovely dance, and I was asked to announce the celina scholar for February2011. Congrats to you Ania Saphire

Laylah received the Celina Langer award. She and I have great fun, and I think she thoroughly deserved this award. She has a kind and loving nature and she brightens up CWS with her wonderful sense of humour, and the care she shows for all. Unfortunately she cannot win Didier as he is taken!!!

It was also Tabys and Pinkys birthday, so we had the most delightful party to celebrate, and gosh V storm, he is her RL hubby was hiding in the cake, It was such a lovely day.

Todays events are

  • Ms Calendar Talent practice (with Pinky, Pirkka, and Sid
  • Moxie Polano Fashion Show