Monday, 31 January 2011

What a show

Lastnight I finally got to sleep at 3:30am after the most wonderful finale Ms Calendar. The atmosphere amongst the models was lovely. We all helped each other and gave encouragement as models finally go to do their turn

There were 65 people in the Dome, and the lag was no worse than any fashion show, so was hardly noticeable.

Taby announced and played the most delightful background music to her announcements. I love the shows we do, but also I think Taby announcing is very much part of the magic of CWS events, she is such a kind soul.

Well Aisha, Laylah, Maleha and Lisana won talent, with the most wonderful dance. I was so happy for them. Our team lead by Pinky and consisting of Sid, Pirkka and myself, didnt make any mistakes. The best team won, and good luck to them

I won ms Photogenic and was so tired I didnt know what to say/

The judges really did have a hard job, as I couldnt think of who was best, so was delighted when the final 3 got called forward. Didier won, and I truly cant think of a kinder more deserving winner, well done didier!!

Winners were

  • Didier

  • Laylah

  • Helen

Today its Monday so I am officer of the day, and will tell you all about what that means tomorrow