Sunday, 30 January 2011

Moxie show

Today was such a wonderful day too. We did the Moxie Polano show, and Artemis and Tiffany got to star in their first shows. Artemis was so good in practice, after a bad start, she showed her never give up spirit and was perfect. Tiffani was also amazing in practice, with perfect syncs

The show itself got off to a rather laggy start, and after my first walk SL crashed. We were soon all in Group though and fortunately got back on with the show.
Artemis couldn't get back online, and she was missed so much, but she will be in other shows so no problem. Tiffani was majestic, it was like she was born for this.
I wore the most lovely Catty Swimsuit is Silver, and gosh the gown was the Shae6 Gown.
The girls in today's show were:

  • Tiffani Celestalis
  • Artemis Cheviot
  • AmyChristine Avedon
  • Adrianna applewhyte
  • Sidney Abbot
  • Kiralyn Destiny
  • SD Damiano
  • Nina Brianna
  • Lisana Rossen
  • Laylah Lecker

Today is a big day I will be doing these things

  • Ms Calendar Practice
  • Ms Calendar Final

I am not worried if I am first or last, cos girls just wanna have fun